Rachel E. Thomas as Little Queen, 2018



The combination of being a documentary photographer and collage artist has given Rachel the ability to uniquely illustrate and personalize the stories that she tells. Similar to a puzzle, she pieces components together to create a whole that’s personalized to her subject matter. She gathers inspiration from their surroundings and interests. Having a background in fine art has allowed her imagination to reach those depths. Her documentary work centers around culture, celebration, activism, pride and intimacy. Her main objectives are investigating diverse communities and its subcultures.

Rachel Elise Thomas obtained her BFA in Photography at the College for Creative Studies in Detroit, Michigan where she graduated with honors and was awarded the Imre J. Molnar Artistic Achievement Award for exceptional merit in the field of Photography. To date, she has editorial illustrations published by InStyle, collages published by the Humble Arts Foundation (HAF) and has photography published by VOX. Rachel was a Facing Change: Documenting Detroit Fellow (2018) and is currently an Applebaum Photography Fellow.